Shine On Seattle Reflectors

Susanne Stauffer Real Estate, Shine on Seattle

As a little girl growing up in Finland, I remember how the endless summer days would quickly dissipate into darkness in the winter, until we hardly had any daylight at all. Yet, even in the fall and winter months, we still walked to school, we still played outside. Life went on as usual, albeit with extra layers of clothing.

In those dark months, my mom, like most Finnish moms, would sew strips of reflector tape to our outdoor clothing so drivers would have an easier time spotting us. We would dangle reflectors from our backpacks and jacket zippers. Adults, too, would attach reflectors to their clothing, bicycles and baby strollers. Businesses in Finland would often give out reflectors to their customers. I remember going to the bank with my parents and walking out with a magical, shiny sphere or snowflake.

Now in Seattle, in the months of fleeting light, I think back on those days. I notice people who walk in dark clothing in the early mornings and evenings —school kids included — and wonder why they are not covered in reflectors like I was as a kid. Recently, while observing a bunch of children crossing a street in the dark, I had my “aha” moment: I realized that I now have the opportunity to provide safety reflectors to my community through my business.

I am a real estate broker. My project, “Shine On Seattle,” seeks to provide my neighbors with a helpful tool for fall and winter safety, while also reminding them that I’m a local resource for any of their real estate questions or needs. I am hoping that my reflectors will be packed away with winter clothes and dug out again in the fall for use year after year.

Please visit my Shine On Seattle website to read more about these reflectors!